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Women Who Inspire Us

This International Women's Day, we feature two inspirational women within our Industry, Samta and Archita. Being a female run business, we believe it is important to celebrate those who, through their incredible expertise and skills, turn our visions into reality. Discover the inspiration behind these women entering the industry, what brings them happiness within their careers and how they balance work with their family life.

Archita - Our Eyes & Ears

Archita is the owner of her own business, and an integral part of our external team. Based in India, she oversees our factories and production ensuring that everything is kept running smoothly and that each style is as beautifully produced as was intended.

Image 1, left. Archita is smiling for the camera. Image 2, right. Archita is pictured with a colleague reviewing printed fabric swatches.

What inspired you to get into this industry?
"My love for apparel. I come from a family where I saw my mother and sister make a lot of their garments. Any new occasion would come with them selecting a fabric, dying it if required, doing their own embroidery or sequence and stitching it in styles that were truly fashion statements. The entire process seemed like something of a tale that would end up with them being the very description of strong, driven women."

What inspires you daily and makes you happy?
"I’ll have to say, my kids. They both have a six-year age gap, and with that the life of a 14 year old differs vastly from an 8 year old. They are undoubtedly my guilty pleasures. How we are bringing up our kids and shaping up this generation never ceases to make me wonder as to how different, and resourcefully responsible the next few decades are going to be. I feel honoured to be a part of a moment where we’re transitioning to a more sustainable time."

How do you balance work and family life?
It’s not always easy but it took me a lot of time to learn the importance of a balanced life. When I look in the mirror, I tend to see all my roles – a mother, a wife, a sister, a woman entrepreneur, a daughter-in-law, an aunt. I love wearing all of those hats. However, it takes a lot of planning ahead of time to manage switching these hats easily. I plan every weekend for any short trip or activity we could indulge in, or even further my long weekends that I could convert into memorable adventures.

Samta - Our Embroidery Guru

As well as being the owner of one of our suppliers, Samta's breadth of embroidery knowledge is why we call her our embroidery guru. She expertly translates our sketches into beautiful embroidered artworks, giving our product character and charm.

Image 1, left. Samta smiles for the camera as she wears our Pratchi embroidered dress. Image 2, right. Close up of embroidery of our Pratchi dress, designed by Samta

What inspired you to get into this industry?
While in school, when my besties were busy with dance and sports activities, I naturally gravitated towards art and craft. I ended up leaving school with an award for best in embroidery! - not the coolest category to get an award for at that age. It came as a passion to me that I didn’t need to think about or dwell upon and luckily it turned into my professional life; a choice I did not have to overthink at all. It was like an organic progression of my young days hiding from my mother and creating embroideries and clothes for myself - even during exam days! 

What inspires you daily and makes you happy?
"My inspirations have come from all quarters and more. At random times it could be flashes of visuals in my head. The want to create a certain colourway or a technique; which makes me want to run to my work place. Nearly 30 years on, the happiness comes from the thought that after all of this hard work and my love for textiles (not so much just a hobby now) also supports lot's families and not just me and helps them earn their livelihood. A lot of young girls who have crossed my path in this journey who I have been able to influence and teach and also learn from them."

How do you balance work and family life?
"There's no denying it's an industry that takes a lot from you so life needs balancing. It comes from running home after a full day's work to my loved ones and more so my four legged babies. Right now one who needs full attention all the time. Squeezing in short holidays whenever possible is a real must to rejuvenate, revive and get inspired."


Artisanal Embroidery

Samta's incredible expertise in embroidery is showcased amongst several of our new season styles. It is through her creative vision that these intricate embroideries are brought to life.
Close up of embroideries that Samta has worked on. Pratchi Dress, Leilani Jacket and Fern Dress. (left to right images)
3 comments on Women Who Inspire Us
  • Gloria DoyleMarch 11, 2024

    I have several East dresses now and green velvet Top and Trousers, I am hoping to buy one of your dresses for my Daughters wedding in June, your garments are always top quality, so comfortable to wear, I always receive compliments when I wear any of mine. Keep up the great work.

  • Janet cremlynMarch 08, 2024

    Thankyou to you all at East!
    I just love your choice of fabrics and designs.

    It must be the ethnicity in me and also my love of colour that i so often choose an East garment over any other. I also admire the quality and finish of your clothes and the styles are very flattering.

  • Valerie KamruddinMarch 08, 2024

    Wonderful thankyou. So good to see these wonderful women entrepreneurs.

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