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Rose England

I use my art to relax

Rose is a commercial textile designer however her real connection to creativity comes from her illustration work. For her, the act of drawing and illustrating is a necessary part of her relaxation, a time just for her to explore and create with real freedom. Based in her flat in Islington, her aim is to fill other people’s homes with her art.

Art is such an important part of my life. It can lift my mood instantly and bring me real joy. I want to share it with other people and spread the positivity!

As a lover of all things mystical, Rose has grown up with a mystic influence from her mother and her grandmother. Aligning with nature & inner spirituality has forever been part of their family and she credits her grandmother for her creative streak. They were always painting, sewing and creating, using their charming English surroundings as a source of inspiration.

I draw the most inspiration from nature and all its stunning variety. I will never tire of the wonders of the sun and the beauty of the moon. I think there’s so much
we can learn from the earth and all of its amazing creations. It’s important to me to celebrate life in all forms
I want all women to feel represented by my work

Through an earthy colour palette evoking her sun-bleached travels, Rose’s favourite subject to draw are women. It’s important to her to include women of all different ethnicities and hopes it will resonate far and wide.

With a strong figurative style, Rose captures her female subjects with a minimal & softened graphic feel. She takes inspiration from Picasso’s line drawings. For her they are “simplistic yet striking”.

I celebrate beauty in all its forms

Rose looks to the Instagram & blog @womenofillustration for other like-minded artists. They celebrate female talent and only feature women’s work. Female strength & empowerment will always be at the forefront of Rose’s illustrations but travel is also a big part of her creative process. She loves finding new architecture, Moroccan inspired interiors, exotic plants and bohemian beachwear to inform and influence her artwork. Her aim is to travel the world, illustrating her curious findings and the people she meets along the way.

******All images are a curated selection from Rose England’s Instagram

5 comments on Rose England
  • Valerie KamruddinMarch 08, 2024

    Absolutely love Rose England’s work discovered here. I love the Eastern flavour of her prints and the beautiful animals, and also her colour palette. What a great talent.

  • Sue CooteMarch 04, 2020

    Before I read Moroccan inspired…I felt these illustration were of Morocco.

    So many beautiful places in Morocco, if you haven’t experienced Tafroate and Taghazoute, visit as it will capture your spirit.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Jennifer August 09, 2019

    What a great article. So inspirational!

  • Serah.L.OAugust 08, 2019

    What a beautiful post! As someone who loves all things ‘illustrated’ not only was this piece pleasant to look at but also to read. With all the great distractions of London and it being so fast paced it is nice to see this output; such creative and calming content. This brings me right down to earth. Thank you!!!

  • Susan BakerAugust 08, 2019

    Lovely article & artwork!

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