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Our Foodie Favourites

Eastern Sun

Melissa Hemsley - Eat Green

Known for her fuss-free delicious food that has the planet in mind, chef Melissa Hemsley has released a new cookbook, Eat Green: Delicious flexitarian recipes for planet-friendly eating. 

With sustainability playing a key part, we absolutely LOVE the approach of this book; recipes come with flexi tips & tricks to help you cut food waste (saving you time and money!) and include simple swaps so that meat and fish can be added or removed from each dish, meaning you can enjoy each meal regardless of your food preferences.

As Melissa describes, 

We all want to eat in a way that is delicious, nourishing, exciting and good for the planet, while saving us time and money. EAT GREEN is about getting you cooking confidently to do just that whether you’re an omnivore, vegetarian or something in between.

Melissa’s simple mantra shows us a new straightforward way to cook more consciously, make new feel-good food choices and tackle food waste. It’s so easy to follow and gives you the confidence to do more with the ‘odds and ends’ left in the fridge. Rather than trying full-time veganism or making drastic changes to your diet, this book helps to show that change isn’t an all-or-nothing approach.

Let’s bring fun into our food this year! 

Our East team favourite is the Shepherd'e Pie made with lentils.

Melissa Hemsley EAT GREEN Cook book

 Tahini Choc Chip Cookies and Spinach Pancakes by Melissa Hemsley

Find the new book here

Eastern Sun

Meera Sodha - East

Guardian food columnist and food writer Meera Sodha’s latest book, “East” is a feel-good and deliciously easy take on vegan and vegetarian dishes from all corners of the East and South Asia. Known for her love of Indian cooking, Meera’s two previous books make the Indian cuisine accessible, fun and easy for people to cook at home.

The same principles apply to “East”, featuring over 120 vibrant and versatile no-meat dishes inspired by SriLankan to Vietnamese flavours and cooking techniques.

I began by looking beyond India to East and South-East Asia, finding new ways to shift vegetables from the side to the centre of the table.

As a new mum, Meera researched her book by reading and virtually exploring, from Pinterest to food writing to Instagram, to inspire her fast and fuss-free vegan dishes. We love that anything too complex or time-consuming didn’t make the cut, as Meera wanted to keep the recipes attainable for mid-week dinners. An accessible and delicious way to eat happy!

Our personal favourite is the Chard potato and coconut curry, yum!

 Meera Sodha East Cookbook

find the new book here

Table Manners - The Cookbook

What started as a mother daughter experiment, is now a successful podcast by singer Jessie Ware and her mum Lennie. “Table Manners” invites a new guest for tea each episode to have a chat about food, family and more around the dinner table, with home-cooked food by Lennie herself. With a different guest star every week (want to know how Stacey Dooley eats?), it’s fascinating to hear more about these famous faces and their foodie stories.

It is funny, completely authentic and feels just like you’re at the dinner table with them; a real heart-warming and witty podcast.

It’s a feel-good listen, perfect for accompanying a weekend stroll, to brighten your weekday commute or for that little extra inspiration while you’re cooking dinner.

From the success of the podcast, late 2019 saw the release of Tables Manners: The Cookbook, full of delicious, simple recipes to prepare and enjoy. While some of the recipes have been served on the podcast, others are brand new creations straight from the kitchen of chef extraordinaire Lennie Ware. Not only can you tune into them cooking for their guests, you can now recreate their mouthwatering dishes in the comfort of your own home!


Table Manners Cook Book by Jessie Ware and Lennie Ware

Find the podcast and book link here

Eastern Sun

Gemma Ogston - The Self-Care Cookbook

Plant Based Food To Boost Your Mood, Lift Your Energy And Nourish

Gemma Ogston launched her Self-Care Cookbook late last year following the success of her Brighton based home-delivery “good food” service, Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen. She creates dishes inspired by the power of plants and the effects wholefoods have on our mood, health and overall wellbeing.

Her ethos is all about nourishing the body and mind, choosing vibrant and colourful ingredients that help to bring love and positivity into everyday food.

From battling an eating disorder in her teens and suffering several misscarriages, Gemma’s personal health story is a remarkable example of the power of wholefoods, and one she openly shares in this book.

The now mum of two combines recipes, self-care advice and personal stories to show the importance good food has for your overall health and well being.

Featuring over 60 recipes that are designed to show you how easy it is to integrate plant-based eating into your diet, Gemma’s dishes are fun, quick and most importantly, delicious!

Split into chapters like restore, rebalance and TLC, there’s plenty of additional inspiration and ideas to help us be kinder to ourselves.

We love Gemma’s emotional connection with food, and can’t wait to try out some of her dishes!

Self Care Cook Book by Gemma Ogston

Gemma Ogston and some of her dishes

Find the new book here

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Rukmini Iyer- The Roasting Tin Around the World

From her incredibly popular “The Roasting Tin” series, Rukmini Iyer has announced a follow-up book “The Roasting Tin Around the World”, due to be released on 28th May.

Rukmini has become famous for her signature traybake recipes that you can “shove in the oven and onto the table in no time at all.”

With previous books like “The Green Roasting Tin” and “The Quick Roasting Tin”, Rukmini has applied her no-fuss, easy approach to vegan, vegetarian and family favourite dishes.

For her new book, she brings some of her greatest hits from countries around the world, reworking them into one-tin meals, combining ease and speed with bold, punchy, global flavours. Perfect for those busy week nights where time and effort are always compromised, it’s great to see an inspiring and versatile recipe series that will help with the mid-week rush.

We can’t wait to get our hands on a copy of her new book!

 Rukmini Iyer- The Roasting Tin Around the World


You can preorder the book here

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  • Lorraine MitchellFebruary 13, 2020

    What a excellent collection of modern chefs we sell the roasting tin books in our National trust shop and they are excellent

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