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India, With Love

While we are all unable to travel, and the prospect of visiting this beautiful country seems increasingly further away, we wanted to look back on all of our favourite times visiting and working in India, creating a visual ‘love letter’ of sorts, to the country that means so much to us. 


Please enjoy our images as we all dream of faraway lands and live through the wonderful portal of imagery, sharing behind the scenes pics of our travels and of the team; transporting ourselves (and hopefully you!) away for just a moment to this magical land. 


EAST JaipurAbove - Exploring the beautiful Amer Fort in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

EAST Jaipur

Top Left - Our designer Mel is continuously asked for selfies, and spends 50% of her time having her picture taken, much to the amusement of the team. Bottom Left - details of the beautiful painted walls. Right - The incredible view from Amer Fort.

Jaipur is the finest jewelry ever created on earth, where king was the jeweler and bricks his gems - Vinita Kinra

Exploring the beautiful City Palace, Jaipur, Rajasthan. Above - All images from the City Palace

East Palace of the wind Jaipur

Above - Both images taken inside the Hawa Mahal (The Palace of The Wind). Above Left - One of our favourite images from Jaipur for it's simplicity, and the loveliness of seeing the shade of pink being tested on the walls. Above Right - Our lovely director Caroline baking in the heat on our first ever trip to Jaipur.

EAST Jaipur Unit

Above Images - Visiting our tie-dye unit in Jaipur. This is always the highlight of the trip for the team, working with such talented crafts people, spending time learning from each other and being truly creative to develop new season product.

Above Images - Visiting our woodblock unit in Bagru which is always a festival of colour and a joy just to see the varying colours and fabrics drying in the sun.

EAST Monkey Temple

Above Images - Visiting Galta Ji 'The Monkey Temple' in Jaipur.

Left - Our Creative Manager Jo who photographs most of our India trips, inside the temple searching for the perfect monkey shot! Middle & Right - Images from our second trip when the driver decided we should see the back streets behind  the temple instead & oddly involved meeting a 6-legged siamese cow, an experience which we will certainly never forget!


Above Images - Left - The Patrika Gate, which is just as beautiful every time, the use of colour is just phenomenal! Top Right - The view from Nahargarh Fort at sunse. Bottom Right - A local teenager jumps into a stepwell to cool off on a very hot day.


We hope you've enjoyed our little journey through Jaipur and some of our behind the scenes images!

Sending LOVE to all, the East Team x

13 comments on India, With Love
  • Sarah ButlerApril 01, 2020

    I have been to India twice. It is the most stunning vibrant country I have ever visited. It’s a must go destination. I am hoping East will have their stunning kaftans for this summer.

  • HelenApril 01, 2020

    Thrilled to see your wonderful photos of Jaipur. I was there only three weeks ago and loved every moment. Probably one of the last tourists to visit for a while. I bought your gorgeous kimono which was made in Jaipur before I travelled. I saw some fabulous textiles but not one kimono like the one from East Heritage Limited. It is a real treat to see your designs – keep up the splendid work, it is most appreciated.

  • Barbara ClarkMarch 29, 2020

    We’ve visited India twice and I have similar photos to yours. Your journey took me right back. India is so vibrant, so colourful the people are wonderfully friendly and the buildings and decor fantastic. A place where anything and everything is possible. I would go back any time. As for a stepwell – it’s a remarkable and beautiful piece of architecture.

  • Annie BMarch 29, 2020

    We visited Jaipur many years ago “on holiday” to Rajasthan whilst living in Goa. Colin & I loved all the places that you picture & particularly for the same reasons – the colours, architecture, such fascinating skilled artisans & craftsmen whom we met demonstrating their skills in the Anokhi Havelhi museum & the wonderful spirit of the whole community during Holi. Your lovely photos brought back wonderful memories! Thank you all Annie x

  • Caroline wrenMarch 29, 2020

    Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures of India and your beautiful clothes

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