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From Forest to Fabric: The Journey of EcoVero™

The forest is one of the largest and most powerful ecosystems in the world, covering 31% of the world’s land surface.  Home to thousands of species, it brings shelter, food and life to creatures worldwide.

As the “Earth’s lungs” it has the greatest potential to reduce carbon emissions, helping to slow down climate change and tackle global warming.  This is the reason we chose to partner with nature to create many of our East garments in EcoVero™: our sustainable alternative to viscose.

The forest is not a resource for us, it is life itself. It is the only place for us to live.
- Evaristo Nugkuag Ikanan (environmental activist)

The story of EcoVero™


Starting life as sustainable wood pulp, EcoVero™ is sourced from responsibly managed forest initiatives, ensuring the protection of ancient and endangered forests. Its production generates up to 50% lower emissions and water impact than generic viscose making it better for the forest and the environment.  Mimicking the patterns in nature, sustainable forestry helps to protect, conserve and regenerate the forests so they continue to be a valuable source for generations to come.

It has also been certified with the EU Ecolabel, meaning it has consistently high environmental standards from raw material and production to distribution and disposal.

 EAST Digitally Printed EcoVero Styles

Tread lightly: print digitally

All of our EcoVero™ styles with a printed pattern have been digitally printed.

Digital printing is a much greener and cleaner alternative to screen printing, requiring less chemicals and water. This makes digital printing much gentler on the environment and our suppliers.

We design with a respect for nature, our team and our customers. While we would love for every piece in our range to be 100% sustainable, we still have some work to do and are on a journey to get there. Click here to browse some of our beautiful eco-friendly EcoVero™ styles.

It’s not just about making sustainable fabric choices…

Did you know that 39% of a garment’s environmental impact comes directly from it’s after-care?

We have more power than we think we do to reduce our fashion’s impact.

Here are our top tips for how to take care of your clothes:

  • Simply put… wash less! We can’t do this for every garment but being clever about prolonging washes with spot cleaning helps to reduce energy consumption and makes our clothes last longer.
  • Freeze your denim – we know this sounds odd but the cold kills germs, making it easier for you and kinder to the planet.
  • Hand wash in cold water with plant based detergent – it uses less water and energy, helping to make your treasured pieces last longer.
  • Hang to dry or dry flat - tumble driers are one of the most energy-wasting household appliances, so opt for hanging outside (weather permitting) or in a cosy spot in your home to dry.
  • Reduce your ironing- hang your crinkled garment in the bathroom when you shower - a morning routine for both of you!
  • Make do and mend – maybe this is a bit time consuming, but invest in your wardrobe by caring for your clothes; patching holes, sewing buttons back on, re-hemming, replacing zips all help to make your loved clothes last.


Do you have any tips for how to take care of the pieces in your wardrobe? We’re always looking for new ideas – leave a comment below! 



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  • ThomasMay 20, 2020

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  • Bonnie October 29, 2019

    Thanks for the environmental tips we shall be following them , it’s great to hear a company thinking about its environmental impact 💕

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