Suppliers & Our Makers

We believe our customers should know the people & the places responsible for our range as well as we do. We work with artisans all over the world, creating a personal partnership with each factory & celebrating the amazing work they do to bring our designs to life. It’s really important we all share the same message: fashion should look good and do good. We know all of our artisans by name, regularly visiting their factories, becoming a part of their craft communities and learning their traditional techniques.

Jaipur, India

Our unit in Jaipur has been creating artisanal tie dyes for generations and is still run by the original founding family. True tie dye houses in Jaipur are few and far between so we feel incredibly lucky to be working with one of the only factories left. As well as helping to keep this traditional craft alive, we love their approach to helping the environment, as tie dye can be a thirsty technique. Our unit are one of the few to implement an ETP and so make this craft safer and easier on the planet.

Bagru, India

We are proud that our factory in Bagru use only natural colours made from leaves, fruits, vegetables and other botanical sources, eliminating the need for any chemical dyes. Not only does it help the ecosystem around Bagru but it doesn’t contaminate the water, making Bagru a safer place for both the people and the ecosystem. The artisans work harmoniously with the seasons as a change in weather can affect the dye colours. This is a slow & skilled artisanal process layering each colour individually by hand using hand- carved blocks. True beauty takes time after all...

Delhi, India

In Delhi, we have four key suppliers who produce all of our soft woven product, situated in key areas such as Noida, Okhla and Haryana. Our India team are an integral part of our journey, helping turn our concepts in to reality, always striving for quality and focusing on sustainability. With long standing relationships we have learnt how to work as a true partnership: communicating with each other nearly every day, our Delhi team truly feels like extended family. Sourcing ethically is at the core ethos of each of our Delhi suppliers, following our strict Code of Conduct to ensure they source responsibly and produce all our garments ethically.

Malatya, Turkey

Sustainability & ethics are top priority for our Turkish denim supplier, making them the perfect fit for East! Having recently invested €2m into their Malatya factory, they have become Turkey's first laundry using only sustainable machinery and techniques; committed to reducing water, energy and chemical use across all of their production. In addition, they are one of the few factories in Turkey to have an employee’s union and support for employees. All our denim comes from Turkey, and uses the sustainable YKK range for hardware.