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The Pink Trail of Jaipur

The Pink City

Jaipur hasn’t always been so pink...
It is believed that the buildings were painted in 1876, in an effort to impress the Prince Albert and Queen Victoria ahead of their state visit. The King of Jaipur at the time, Sawai Ram Singh II, arranged for all buildings in the city to be painted the same shade of pink; a colour that symbolises hospitality.
Due to its popularity, a law was passed in 1877 making it illegal for buildings in the old city to be painted any colour other than “Jaipur pink.”.
It still remains the law to this day.

Behind the Colour

Although symbolising hospitality in Jaipur’s architecture, the colour pink is more widely known as being the universal colour of love, femininity and friendship. As the combination of red and white, pink contains the strength and passion of red, but softened and enlightened with the purity of white. The deeper the pink, the more passion and energy it exudes.

It is a truly calming colour, known for the relaxed and positive energy it brings. Natural pink gemstones like rose quartz and pink tourmaline are believed to relax, bring serenity and contentment, as well as to harmonise and soften frustrations.

Natural & Artisanal

Natural dyes and fabrics are integral to our range. On our trip, we watched the artisans in awe, manipulating and tying fabrics to create incredible tie dye effects. We were delighted to work with the artisans in our Jaipur unit on the Amira Tie dye dress (below top 3 images). We love that we can bring a part of the city into our designs. Having this dress dyed and wood blocked with natural colours from Jaipur makes it all the more special for us.

***All images are a curated selection from our recent trip to Jaipur, copyright of images belongs to Jo Mitchell.

13 comments on The Pink Trail of Jaipur
  • Judith MACBETHJuly 11, 2019

    Soo inspirational – I’m delighted you’re back and please keep the information coming .

  • JayneJuly 08, 2019

    east is back. Brilliant news!

  • Bel GrantJuly 08, 2019

    Wonderful inspiration. For anyone travelling to India please never ride the Elephants or visit circuses or give money to begging elephant Mahouts. Be kind to animals, not just people who make these lovely clothes.

  • Caroline July 08, 2019

    Stunning pictures ! Love the colours

  • Caroline July 08, 2019

    Stunning pictures

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