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Natural Art: Rebecca Louise Law

Rebecca Louise Law Installations

Rebecca Louise Law Installation

Based in East London, Rebecca creates stunning installation art made from thousands of real dried flowers, suspended with copper wire. Known for her large scale artworks, Rebecca has created natural installations for some of the most well-known museums and galleries in the world, like the Met, the V&A and the Royal Academy of Arts. Exploring the relationship between humanity and nature, she creates immersive indoor gardens that “cocoon” the viewer with floating flowers and huge spectrum of colour.
Each flower is hand-dried, taking care to preserve the flower’s natural form. Rebecca describes the drying process as being the same as oil painting: taking time and changing while it dries. Viewers are invited to witness the change in shape, form and colour of the flowers as her installations are designed to evolve but to last forever

The flower became my paint

Rebecca Louise Law building her installations

Rebecca Louise Law Installations 

I like to capture and treasure small beautiful natural objects to create an artwork that can be observed without the pressure of time. Preserving, treasuring, celebrating and sharing the beauty of the Earth with the world is what drives me.

 Rebecca Louise Law Artwork Enclosed Flowers

 Beautiful & Melancholic 

 With a background in fine art, Rebecca’s work has the same concept as still life paintings, just with a more physical medium. In a recent article for My Modern Met she shares that her first memories were pressing and drying flowers with her grandma, so utilising flowers has always been a part of her creativity.

Rebecca’s work depicts the full cycle of flowers, drawing from the joyful colours of them in full bloom, to the melancholy mood they take on as they dry. Her latest installation at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, The Womb, is an exhibition that explores the intimate relationship between humankind and nature, encouraging the viewer to reflect on life itself. As visitors walk through nearly a million dried flowers, they are invited to make a connection with nature.

Rebecca always has a reflective concept behind her art, using the delicacy and fragility of flowers to mimic how fragile life can be. Her inspiration comes from nature; trees, grass, flowers, fields, skies, rivers, seas etc. Her work is designed to encourage viewers to be present in the natural world, using nature to help calm, relax and inspire. 

I love to acknowledge what we have been given on this earth

Rebecca Louise Law Art

 Harnessing nature for art

Rebecca’s ethos is that there is beauty and value in flora beyond fresh. If an artwork is only required short term, the future of the natural material is always considered. Rebecca reuses flowers from previous installations; nothing she makes is wasted and thousands of flowers have been re-purposed in her work. She takes time to research into the local plants and their cultural significance before designing an installation. There is a lot to learn from nature.

Her installations take a lot of time to put together. In the planning stage, the gathering, measuring etc can take up to six months, then depending on the size, it can take Rebecca and her team up to a month to fully install.

With a book of her works newly out and a new installation, The Womb, exhibiting until 2020 in NYC, we can’t wait to see what’s next for Rebecca and her botanical art.

Rebecca Louise Law Installations

Rebecca Louise Law Installation

***All images are a curated selection from Rebecca’s Instagram or website:


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