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Tuesday, 20th September 2016 | Written By Store Team
The bustling bicycle city of Oxford is an architectural haven where you will be warmly greeted by the stunning views of the iconic dreaming spires. Boasting in wonderful architectural history, the city offers a diverse range of things to do and see.

Carfax Tower

To see Oxford in all it's glory the first place you have to go is the Carfax Tower, located in the north west corner of Carfax it is often referred to as the heart of the city. The only remains of the 13th Century St. Martin’s Church it is a classic piece of history you will not want to miss. Standing 23 metres tall you can climb the 99 steps to the top for the most spectacular views the city has to boast.
Entrance fee: £2.50

Botanical Gardens

Step aside from the busy high street and take a walk through the idyllic tranquil scenes of the Botanical Gardens, where the vibrant hues of the exotic plants and flowers will dance before your eyes. Immerse yourself in the history and science behind the gardens, as its renown for being one of the oldest scientific gardens in the world.
Entrance fee: £5.00

Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Take a plunge into the depths of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, hosting an array of zoological and geological collections. Enjoy a day of adventure and discovery, delving into the world of creatures large and small, prehistoric and current. Set in a victorian gothic building the architecture alone is a must see with a stunning glass roof, not to mention the gorgeous cakes served by the wonderful cafe.

Covered Market

Explore the hidden treasures that can be found in the historic Covered Market, dating back to the 1770's it is was opened with a general wish to clear 'untidy, messy and unsavoury stalls' from the main streets of central Oxford. Toda however it is filled with numerous unique and boutique shops, cafe's and local fresh produce stalls, selling everything from cheese, meat, fruit and fish. With an eclectic ambiance it is a must see shopping destination.

Coffee and Cakes

There has been a rise in independent coffee shops and cafe's in Oxford, so for the coffee connoisseur you are spoilt for choice, on St Michaels street you will find the eclectic Rusty Bicycle cafe situated above a bike shop; perfectly fitting the scenes of the booming bicycle city. The Missing Bean is an urban independent coffee specialist, situated on tranquil Turl Street. The Society cafe, with it's ultra modern clean cut interior, offers a range of locally sourced teas and coffees and a host of tempting sweet treats.

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