Winter Getaways

Thursday, 1st December 2016 | Written By Lauren
While most of us are snuggling into warm blankets and layering scarves over jumpers, the lucky few are packing light dresses, swimsuits, flip flops and sunscreen in preparation for warmer climates. These are some of the EAST team’s favourite winter escapes.

Along the Mekong River, Thailand is a popular winter destination. The incredible gastronomy, temples, markets, resorts and friendly people make this an attractive winter escape. With so many islands, beaches, resorts and towns to choose from, travellers can tailor their holiday for the occasion - this is a popular destination for newlyweds, families, retirees and expats, backpackers, and seasoned wayfarers. Highlights on any holiday include the markets and nightlife of Bangkok; history, culture and temples of Chiang Mai; the laid back atmosphere and beaches of Phuket; the island lifestyle of Koh Samui; and water sports in Pattaya. Everywhere you go, you will be greeted and welcomed by friendly locals with big smiles and taste delicious food that is salty, sweet, spicy, and cooling all at once.


With so many destinations to visit in this amazing country we’ve narrowed it down to two of our favourite beach destinations. Visit Perth, Australia’s sunniest capital city and you’ll experience more than just amazing sunsets over the ocean. Perth effortlessly blends urban cool with raw natural beauty and makes the perfect blend of beach and city experience. For an alternative beach destination, Byron Bay is the place to visit. Famous for its surfing and scuba diving, it’s the unique atmosphere that is most intriguing. With its long, balmy days, endless beaches, reliable surf breaks, fine food and vibrant nightlife, Byron Bay will leave a lasting impression.


Described by Christopher Columbus as “the most beautiful land I have ever seen,” Cuba is the must-see island in the Caribbean. A country that boasts vibrant cities and immaculate beaches contrasts with imposing mountain ranges and wildlife-rich rainforests at its heart. If you’re a lover of excitement, music and history, head to the island’s capital, Havana, for diverse, fresh food and a medley of cultures. Along the coast you’ll experience white, soft sand peppered with palm trees next to the translucent turquoise sea. Stunning coral reefs teeming with ocean life are usually located just meters from shore, meaning a short swim with just a snorkel will expose you to a completely weird and wonderful undersea world. With winter temperatures averaging at a comfortable 26 degrees Celcius we love Cuba as a winter sun destination.


If you’re looking for a winter sun destination a little closer to home then look no further than Tenerife. Although the volcanic coastline isn’t stereotypically beautiful, it has a unique drama all of its own. Visit the national park to experience the spectre of the Teide Volcano and rugged desert surroundings. Siam Park is the best and largest waterpark in Europe with the truly unforgettable 28 metre slide that tunnels through the centre of a shark tank. Don’t forget to add the vibrant green Mojo sauce to your freshly caught fish dish and we recommend finishing dinner with a glass of the honey liqueur, Ron Miel.

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