Welcome Boris & Biscuit

Tuesday, 19th July 2016 | Written By Hannah
We would like to introduce you to the newest, and cutest, members of the EAST family - Boris and Biscuit. These bundles of joy were rescued by the CEO of EAST, Suzi, on her recent trip to Italy!

How It All Began 
Suzi and her husband, Matthew, arrived in Italy expecting a relaxing and uneventful trip. Located in a lovely, historic countryside town called Bagnoregio, they stayed in their friends beautiful house. They were soon told about two puppies that had been found abandoned at the bottom of their driveway. 

With little hesitation Suzi rang up Matthew to tell him about the adorable puppies just down the road and you can probably guess the next bit...they fell in love and went on their quest to adopt them!
And then the fun part, with their new puppy passports they flew to the UK and paid us a visit at the Head Office. 
Tune in next month to find out more about the cute pair. 

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