Weekend In Venice

Thursday, 14th July 2016 | Written By Hannah
This week we are dreaming of a weekend in Venice. To be basking in the sunshine, walking the narrow streets and dining in the quaint Italian restaurants. 
Venice is like no other place in the World, there are no cars rushing by, beeping you out of the way but instead streets filled with canals and the sweet sound of Italian singing. 
An Afternoon Exploring
Art-lovers, foodies and retrophiliac's there is something for all of you in this beautiful city. Find yourself in awe at the iconic Piazza San Marco, overwhelmed by surrounding architecture. The St Mark's Church on the one side of the square is not only a landmark to Italy, but also to Europe. The church is 4,240 square metres and is covered in breath-taking gold mosaics and inlaid with marble floors.

Alongside you will find the Doge's palace, with a contrasting exterior this building is harmonious with soft colours and a subtle design. After admiring the stone carved exterior make sure to take a trip inside to see the monumental paintings by the greatest artists of all time, including the famous oil painting by Tintoretto.
After exploring the striking buildings that surround Piazza San Marco you won't want to forget to buy some bird food from one of the local cafe's and feed for the pigeons, beware there is a lot!! 
As the sun starts to set why not take a romantic gondola tour on The Grand Canal which snakes through the city creating a magical maze of alleys and squares. The magnificent Rialto bridge joins the streets as you glide down the canal. On either side, numerous restaurants and bars light up the sidewalks with twinkling fairy lights dangling from the canopies. Some notes to think of before getting a gondola - 
1. Fares are higher at night time
2. If you want to go somewhere specific ask at the start
3. If your gondolier isn't wearing a striped shirt, black trousers and most likely a special hat then you're in the wrong place.
A Bite To Eat

I'm sure if you wander around the streets you'll come across some fantastic restaurants and cafes but here's a little head start. 

Why not have some of the best pasta you'll experience on the go? Well look no further than Dal Moro's. Delicious, fast service and friendly staff you can see why the queue is out the door! Next off we have De Mamo, you may want to ask for directions to this place as it's a hidden treasure. Cosy and idyllic this restaurant has the tastiest pizzas, calzones and all-round Italian food. Although make sure you book if you want a table, it's quite the attraction. 
What To Pack

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