Weekend In Prague

Monday, 8th August 2016 | Written By Ella
Known for its sheer beauty, impeccable beer and endless cobbled streets, Prague is one of Europe’s hottest city breaks right now, and we can see why!
A Day Exploring
In rain or in shine, art-loving or food-loving, there is something for everyone in this city. Begin your day exploring the Old Town, here you will find the 606 year-old astronomical clock, which presents dancing figures of apostles when each new hour strikes. While you’re there, the Gallery of Art Prague is well worth a visit, including the Andy Warhol exhibition where you can view Campbell’s condensed tomato soup tins that are literally the size of a small child.

Once you have fully exhausted all of the shops, and taken in the atmosphere from the bustling streets and stunning architecture, make your way over to the John Lennon Wall. Whether you’re a Beatles-lover or not, this wall is a must-see due to its vibrant colours, inspirational quotes and peace messages, and not to mention its photo-shoot opportunities. Why not make your mark and add your own personal quote or image?
End your day by strolling along the famous Charles Bridge, which is embellished with an endless array of thirty statues. Here you can take in the breathtaking views of the sunset, and appreciate the quieter crowds of the evening. Make sure you’re armed with plenty of coins as resisting to tip the buskers is almost impossible. Finally, start your evening with a pint (or few) of Prague beer (worth 80p a pint), at any of the bustling bars in the Old Town. The atmosphere is vibrant and the constant laughter is infectious - you simply cannot go wrong.

A Taste Of Czech’s Cuisine
As with any city, there are numerous eateries on offer, however from experience we would recommend immersing yourself fully into the life of Prague, and go for a more alternative and sweet lunch or snack - the ice cream filled doughnut (available from countless places in the Old Town). With your own choice of ice cream and sauce to line the warm cinnamon-sugared doughnut, this rather naughty treat is, well, to be totally honest, utterly fabulous. The only question being; when is it coming to Britain?
Sticking with the Czech theme, Le Café Colonial is the perfect spot for dinner with its fantastic location, very efficient staff and delicious venison goulash with bacon dumplings; you won’t be able to stay away.
What To Pack
The weather in Prague is just like Britain but warmer (not too difficult I know), so be prepared with lots of layers and a jolly umbrella. Exploring the city on foot is the best way to discover what Prague has to offer, so comfy shoes are key.

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