The Neeru Kumar Collection

Thursday, 23rd March 2017 | Written By Lauren
We are excited to introduce our newest collection, designed exclusively for EAST by Artisan Neeru Kumar, a revolutionary in the world of handcrafted textiles. Truly inspiring she uses a combination of classical craft techniques, traditional skill and contemporary design.

The new collection is made up of luxury fashion pieces crafted using techniques such as indigo dyes and shibori, transforming garments into pieces of art. The collection she has produced exclusively for EAST encapsulates our love, respect and celebration for Indian heritage and Artisanal skill. These pieces are far from throw-away fashion and are true treasures you will cherish forever.


The ancient technique of shibori and indigo dyes make these pieces truly unique. Shibori is a process of hand dying by intricately pleating fabric then applying the dye to the folds and twists, creating stunning patterns. Garments dyed using the shibori technique are completely individual as no two patterns will be the same. The indigo dying technique results in the only completely natural blue pigment, in the most vivid hue. Hand dyed and dried by natures breeze, fashion becomes a canvas for this striking form of dye.

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