The Byzantine Collection

Thursday, 3rd November 2016 | Written By Design Team
Introducing our Christmas story inspired by the opulent, decadent textures of the Byzantine empire.

The Byzantine Empire traded a host of luxury goods for a thousand years until the fall of Constantinople in the year 1453. Rich spices, gorgeous silks and precious porcelain were all transported from the East to the West through an epicentre of rich culture and diversity. The Byzantines loved to wear colour and print adorned on luxurious silk fabrics with embroidery and embellishment.

This festive season we are celebrating the glorious history behind this time with our collection. Here you will find treasures such as decorative collars, lavish kimonos, sumptuous wraps and beautiful embellished items.

Soft Gold's, Deep Crimson, Teal and Classic Black form the luxe colour palette, while soft satins, silks, velvet, wool and crepes will offer day to evening effortless glamour.

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