Teej Festival India

Thursday, 4th August 2016 | Written By Ella
Teej festival, also known as ‘Sawan Festival’, is celebrated by multiple countries including India, and since here at EAST we are so fascinated by India and their wonderful ways of life, we want to know exactly what this festival is all about. Well, at least we are going to try...
‘Teej’ can be loosely translated to ‘third’, and this refers to the third day that falls every month after the new moon. Teej festival is therefore a beautiful and vibrant three-day-long Hindu festival. Women wear colourful clothes and gold-diamond jewellery to look like a new bride, usually red, pink or green.

It’s celebrated by all married Hindu women, with the aim of defining the true nature of the relationship between married couples. In order to strengthen such a relationship, the women fast from food and water in order to feel closer and more committed to their husband, this also helps the husband to feel more special. In return, the men act more loving and caring towards their wife, and often reward them with gifts. I don’t know about any of you, but I think it must take some serious love and will-power to fast for a whole day.
It is celebrated in Nepal, Northern and Western India.

This year they are going to be celebrating on the 5th August, why not challenge yourself and prove your love and devotion to your husband? In summary, I think that it is fair to say that this festival is a beautiful and refreshing change from our classic Brit traditions involving camping, beer and music, and even if I might not have a marriage to strengthen, at the very least I want to celebrate the tradition of Teej Henna, one of the most beautiful traditions of Teej. The designs are applied to hands and feet, and are aimed to reflect the mood of the festival, and apparently the darker the henna the more a woman is loved by her husband and in-laws. What colour would yours be?

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