Rio Olympics 2016

Thursday, 11th August 2016 | Written By Ella
Whether you’re sporty or not, the Olympics are pretty impossible to avoid, and since over 10,500 athletes from 208 different countries are taking part this year in Rio, there’s clearly something for everyone. With 311 events, there is literally a sport for every letter of the alphabet, whether it’s archery, badminton, canoe slalom or diving, you get the idea.

What a lot of us might not know, is just how much the ticket prices vary. For instance seats in the highest price range for the opening ceremonies are worth more than the per capita income of some of the Games’ less developed countries- yikes! But of course some of us may prefer to just stick to the sport we truly love, the question being, what’s your favourite?
Here at EAST, we’re excited about the women’s gymnastics, and if you haven’t already seen it, then please invest a precious 1 minute and 58 seconds of your day to watch the 19 year-old American Simone Biles, perform her rather breathtaking floor display. I don’t know about any of you, but it’s even more impressive considering I can do a teddy-bear roll at my best attempt.

Click here to view the video >
So basically as we were already aware, the Olympics are huge, gripping, and quite frankly pretty amazing, and with the increasingly eye-catching and aero-dynamic outfits, we're already looking forward to see what the next Olympics will hold.

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