• Handblock Printing

    From the beginning we have celebrated the ancient craft that is handblock printing. Read More

  • The Shirin Print

    Like all our Anokhi prints, the Shirin print has that extra special touch - the fact that each print really is a unique, irregular piece of art that has been hand block printed by skilled artisans in India. Read More

  • Dyeing Techniques - Indigo Dye

    Indigo dye is the only natural blue pigment in the world and traditionally comes from the leaves of the ‘Indigofera Tinctoria’ plant which was cultivated throughout the tropics. Read More

  • Dyeing Techniques - Bandhini Tie-Dye

    The art of tie-dyeing has a long history in India where the technique is used in many variations on a wide range of fabrics from coarse cotton to fine silk. Hand dyeing remains one of the most popular traditional crafts and is still regarded as producing the finest of designs - Bandhini and Shibori being two of our most coveted. Read More

  • Hand Embroidery and Beading

    Hand bead work and embroidery is one of the most meticulous crafts that we use at EAST. Read More