From blanket to coat - the story

Friday, 15th September 2017 | Written By The EAST Team
In the spirit of simple, the concept behind our blanket coat is to organically transform a blanket into a coat. To create a process which develops the blanket into a coat without losing its heritage and retains its initial rich design and purpose.

To wrap for warmth and to add statement. Day to day, year after year.

Put simply, our blanket coats begin their journey as a blanket, woven by experienced weavers in Delhi. The lengthy process and expertise of the artisan is proven in the final result: a striking blanket (but not for long) with a rich pattern.

These final designs are then personally selected by our EAST founder Penny and carefully matched to jacket silhouettes created by our in-house London based designers.

From the start it’s a collaboration. A collaboration of Indian and English heritage, of two cultures eye for design. Individual and unique, these coats highlight our ongoing dedication and zest for working with and learning from the expert artisans we partner with.
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