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Monday, 20th February 2017 | Written By Prerna
Our latest pieces made from hemp and organic cotton champion the EAST philosophy of using natural fabrics that look and feel good, last well, and are easy maintenance.

For thousands of years hemp was farmed to make paper, rope, canvas, and textiles. Hemp fibre is 10 times stronger than cotton and grows in most climates - part of EAST’s philosophy is also being socially ethical and working with suppliers who have a strong social conscience.

Hemp-derived products are sold all around the world and demand for these products is growing rapidly. Hemp naturally repels weed growth and hemp has few insect enemies meaning that hemp requires no herbicides and very few pesticides.

Hemp produces twice as much fibre per acre as cotton. A wide variety of clothing made from 100% hemp, including pants, denim jeans, jackets, shoes, dresses, shorts, hats and most hemp-derived products are non-toxic, biodegradable and renewable. Our hemp and organic cotton clothes receive rave reviews and we design tops and staples that customers can wear as much as possible since the fabric softens even more over time with frequent use.

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