Ethical Statement

At EAST, we pride ourselves on producing beautifully designed, high quality products for our discerning customers. To help us achieve this, we are committed to working only with suppliers and artisans who share our values in responsible product sourcing and the ethical use of labour.

The level of public concern regarding animal welfare and cheap labour is increasing, and we share these concerns too. That is why we will not do business with any suppliers that do not uphold, at the very minimum, the basic human rights of each of its employees or the people it does business with, or use child labour in the manufacturing of its product. We pay a fair price for the products sold to our customers so that individuals who are involved in the manufacturing of these products are rewarded reasonably, and this is reflected in the pricing of the clothes we sell.

We will not do business with suppliers who abuse the welfare of animals in the manufacturing of our products. We are mindful of the issues raised regarding the treatment of animals in the manufacturing of angora and therefore we no longer use angora in any of our products.

Our business is evolving and growing in many areas, including changes to our product offer, therefore we have taken the opportunity to review and update our ethical sourcing statement to reflect any improvements in how we conduct our business.

In the meantime, we would like to assure all our customers of our continued commitment to provide them with beautiful products that are ethically sourced and manufactured to a high standard.