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Thursday, 27th April 2017 | Written By Lauren
Just last week, Carole our Technical Manager and Monika our Garment Technologist, returned from a productive and inspiring visit to our closest suppliers in India. We've asked them to share stories from their travels:
“We crossed some distances on a trip that took us to Bangalore, Deli and Jaipur. We were lucky to see our products being made first-hand and were given the chance to talk to the people that carefully make our garments.
In Bangalore, we went to visit Fabindia, EAST's partner since 1998. It was lovely to see the bustle of the open and airy factory. While we were there we saw our Kavita Print Scoop Neck Maxi Dress being lovingly made from our new pure cotton hand block printed fabric.

From top left: Rolling fabric. Half way through the embroidery process. A seamstress in Bangalore. Our new handblocked Kavita print . The employee only commuter bus. Our new Kavita print scoop neck dress being created.  
In Bangalore we had a chance to exchange stories with the factory workers, understand the tools they use, the skills they bring to their workplace and the ins and outs of the production process.
As EAST continues to support small factories and artisans in India we do our most to keep close relationships exchange learnings and share the stories with our customers. 
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