Our Charities

Our philosophy at EAST has always been to support those special to us. That's why we actively support a number of charities and there are three charities that we have special relationships with.

The DISHA Centre was the first of its kind to provide a stimulating programme of support, training and rehabilitation for children and young people with disabilities. It is based in Rajasthan, India and many children and young adults who DISHA has helped or is helping are related to the craftspeople who produce EAST products. We've seen firsthand, the real difference that this organisation can make to the lives of those it touches. So, we felt inspired to choose DISHA as one of the charities that we will continue to support now and in the future.

EAST have been invovled with DISHA since September 2000. We've chosen  to show our support by donating funds for the charity to use in whatever way they feel is most needed. Our donations significantly contributed to the centre moving into a much bigger building in 2004 and we've helped to fund a number of children to become self reliant young adults.

you can read more about DISHA at www.dishafoundation.org.

Fashion & Textile Children's Trust
The Fashion & Textile Children's Trust (FTCT) is a charity closer to home. Its roots stem from over 150 years ago, supporting the education and welfare of children whose parents have worked or do work in fashion, textile manufacturing and retail in the UK. Today, FTCT provides grants to support all aspects of the well-being of children and young people, aged 0-18 years, where there is a case of need.

As FTCT works exclusively supporting children in the fashion industry - the same industry that EAST works in - we feel a responsibility to encourage and support their work. We made a donation in August 2010 to support the re-branding of FTCT and this was just the start of what we hope will be a long relationship with the charity.

You can learn more about FTCT at www.ftct.org.uk.

Retail Trust
Retail Trust is the only charity that looks after the needs of all 3 million working in retail. It offers independent advice and access to councelling, legal and debt advice, hardship grants and funding for career development - all for free, for any person working in the retail industry.

We have chosen to support this charity, as a way to further support all of our staff at EAST and everyone working in the retail industry.

You can find out more about Retail Trust at www.retailtrust.org.uk.

Our Charities