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Tuesday, 30th May 2017 | Written By The EAST Team

At EAST, linen is one of our favourite, feel-good fabrics.

It’s natural qualities mean that it has no static, is hypoallergenic, naturally repels insects and even offers UV protection. It is a breathable, lightweight fabric which makes it perfect for layering during the summer months.

Our design team works hard to create the most flattering linen shapes to make you feel and look fabulous.


Linen is a 100% natural fibre which is sourced from the flax plant fibre. To generate the longest possible fibres, the flax is either hand-harvested by pulling up the entire plant or stalks are cut very close to the root.

After harvesting, the flax leaves are soaked and the fibres are combed to ensure that we get the longest fibres to make our linen fabric.

Although the best fibres from the flax plant are used to produce the linen fabric, no part of the flax plant is wasted. The leftover linseeds, oil, straw and fibre are put to good use, forming objects such as soap to paper.

The flax plant is very efficient and the production of linen fabric is ecologically sound. It uses five to twenty times less water and energy than the production of cotton or synthetic fabrics. The linen fibres are spun into a yarn and then knitted together to create linen fabric.

Linen is available in many different qualities from almost silk like line to sack linen. Our linen is sourced from beautiful fields in France and our teams make sure we select the perfect weave of linen to perfectly complement each of our linen garments.

We love the raw, natural texture and elegant shape that our linen has.


Linen is such an easy fabric to care for.

The more you wash your linen the softer it will become - plus there’s no risk of your favourite dress losing it’s colour.

- Always remember to check the care instructions before washing your linen.
- Remove from the washing machine as soon as possible to avoid any extra crinkles.
- Linen benefits from drying naturally so reshape and lay flat whilst damp.
- Ironing your linen when it is still damp will easily remove any wrinkles.

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