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Friday, 19th May 2017 | Written By The EAST Team
This week we introduced our Anokhi Lalita Print and as ever, the hand block trend is proving to be very popular.

We have been using hand block printing since we first formed in the mid 1990's and it remains a huge part of our practice at EAST. We quickly developed a love for all things handcrafted in Jaipur and the villages of Rajasthan. This soon led to a long-term collaboration with local communities and artisans to produce the iconic prints and styles that we are known for today.

Each colour pattern is stamped repeatedly across the fabric, one colour at a time, making each piece completely unique. This labour intensive technique requires years of experience, keen eyes and patience to perfect the skill.

Whilst over the years the process hasn’t changed, improvements in technology have enabled improvements in quality resulting in a more polished finish. Despite this, the nature of hand block printing means irregularities in patterns do still occur - we believe that these tell the story of our makers, the creative process and truly give each piece an individual character.

Penny Oliver, one of EAST’s founders, travels to India frequently and is still humbled by the process: “We’ve built a really good relationship with the artisans in Rajasthan and what I especially admire is the way they look after each other. It’s a wonderful experience to see three or four generations working together to create such beautiful pieces.”

DIY hand block printing made simple
Step one: Transfer your design onto a wooden block and carefully carve out the pattern.

Step two: Dip your wooden block into the dye and press it onto a stretched piece of fabric.

Step three: Repeat the printing across the fabric and experiment with different colours, patterns and the depth of printing as this will create a varying level of colour.

The result? An entirely authentic and individual print which you can treasure forever.

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