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A Sense of Direction

Over the years our brand has developed, but our drive to create collections that are rich in spirit, colour and texture has remained at the heart of what we do.

We pride ourselves on being a thoughtful brand who, in an increasingly disposable world, create collections that have a lasting quality - designed to fit your way of life, not just look beautiful. That is why, whilst we show a respectful nod to current trends, our collections stand alone from transient styles that come and go.


By seamlessly bringing together natural fabrics and playful designs we create a relaxed, modern aesthetic. Our design process is an artisanal partnership and celebration of an unashamedly eastern influence.

"You know roughly where you are and most importantly, which way to go."


Our Journey

EAST first opened its doors in 1994 when we launched our small independent boutique on the Fulham Road in London. From the start we aimed to be recognised for our thoughtful sourcing, uncompromised quality and eye for design.

Early collections were created in Jaipur, India and our original vision focused on creating and promoting beautiful, Eastern inspired clothing.

Today, our team of designers are re-adopting our founder Penny's original spirit and channelling it into their collections. We’ve listened to you and are proud to be back to our original EAST vision and to be reclaiming our position on the high street.

Over the decades EAST has grown and now our stores and concessions are dotted all across the UK.


The affairs, business and properties of East Lifestyle Limited are being managed by Geoffrey Rowley and Phil Armstrong of FRP Advisory LLP who were appointed Joint Administrators on 29 January 2018.
The Joint Administrators act as agents of the Company and without personal liability.


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