A closer look: Kalahari

Monday, 10th July 2017 | Written By The EAST Team
Discover luxury linen, lighter knitwear and luxe occasionwear - all in shades of stone and black, punctuated by pops of bright ginger.

Put simply, this collection is a contemporary take on traditional craft. It champions the art of Ikat and Mangalgiri alongside intricate patchwork designs, unique hand embroidery and authentic hand block printing.

Whilst this collection signals a move in direction with the introduction of sharper silhouettes, more contemporary cuts and a new take on how we do prints, it remains true to our heritage.

EAST wouldn’t be EAST if we didn’t work so closely with and continue to support the weavers and artisans in India. This collection is a celebration of just that.
Discover Kalahari

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